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POWERBEAT™ Installation Service Center (U.S only)

Our Installation Service Center can mount any option of POWERBEAT™ on your compatible crank arm. You can skip the installation process, just send us your crank and we will install and calibrate it for you. We’ll be in touch with you throughout the process via e-mail with detailed instructions. You will get it back in under a week and ride! Only at $99 including shipping

12 Month Guarantee

Crash replacement policy

We stand behind our product. Purchase any POWERBEAT™ product and enjoy our 12 month full warranty coverage, including accidental damage from the date of purchase.

No questions asked!

Kit including everything required to replace a sensor: A POWERBEAT Sensor, Primer, Glue, Remover, 1 pair of protective rubber gloves, Sandpaper and Alcohol Pads.


Product Reviews

This is truly a Pro-level power meter at a great price. I started power-based training earlier this year and had placed an order for a 4iii single sided meter, I canceled that order and got this instead. This meter gives you the same accurate data you get from meters that cost three times as much. (Left/right torque, smoothness, efficiency and power) Watteam add-on power meter should be the new standard for power meters at this price. Look out SRM!!!
Djabatey K.
5 Stars
I've found the G2 to be accurate and responsive across pavement, gravel and rough terrain. I couldn't be happier, and will be recommending them highly! Thanks guys!
Mitch Thors
5 Stars
Love my #Powerbeats #powermeter this is the second time I have read about it in a buyers guide and I finally have it on my tri bike $499 for dual is a no brainer if you have shopped power meter easy install supper easy calibration and next month in Malibu everyone better lookout.
Ryan Cook
5 Stars
It seemed hokey on its face; a DIY power meter? Can they do that? Like, really? They can. I glued a power meter to my own crank arm and... by Jove, it works. Heck, points to Watteam for making a power meter that’s so simple to install and passing the savings on to the consumer.
Lava Magazine
5 Stars
WatTeam has succeeded at their goal – they brought forth a dual-leg capable power meter below $500 – something that nobody else has done.
DC Rainmaker
5 Stars