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5 Stars


Awesome power meter for the price This is truly a Pro-level power meter at a great price. I started power-based training earlier this year and had placed an order for a 4iii single sided meter, I canceled that order and got this instead. This meter gives you the same accurate data you get from meters that cost three times as much. (Left/right torque, smoothness, efficiency and power) Watteam add-on power meter should be the new standard for power meters at this price. Look out SRM!!!

5 Stars


Fantastic! Simple to install, with possibly the most fool proof workflow I've seen. 30 minutes from start to finish (and that was being super careful). Couldn't have been easier. The only difficult part was waiting for 24hrs!I've found the G2 to be accurate and responsive across pavement, gravel and rough terrain. I couldn't be happier, and will be recommending them highly! Thanks guys

5 Stars


The G2 sensors are exceptional, precise, and accurate. No more drift due to temperature and the power tracks the same as 4iiii, the other power meter I have access to. Watteam really came through with the G2!